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From Position to Powerful Program. Since the publication of the first edition of the ASCA National Model through today, the school counseling profession has continued to evolve. Ever-Evolving Framework. When Adults are the Bullies. Learn what to do if you or colleagues are targets of workplace bullying. Trade Secrets. Get the inside scoop on what one long-time school principal and his team listened for when interviewing school counseling candidates.

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Prepare to Dazzle. Properly preparing for standard interview questions can help build your confidence and let you present yourself in the best light possible during an interview. Bond, Ed. A Bibliocounseling Dream Team. Collaborating with your school and community librarians can make your bibliocounseling program even stronger. Working From Their "Why". Brian Coleman: School Counselor of the Year. Stress Busters. For students experiencing high levels of stress, a stress busters small-group intervention may be just the solution they need.

A Journey to Mindfulness. Alas, it can also increase their stress. Sabella, Ph. Battling Test Anxiety.

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Some students view tests as another chance to shine; others experience extreme anxiety. Help prepare them all to be victorious. Address School Refusal. School refusal can be debilitating and can lead to long-term negative consequences for students. Brooks, R. Deboard-Lucas and J.

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Coping With Student Anxiety. Experiencing anxiety can be frightening, especially for young students. You can help students develop coping techniques. A Heavy Burden. Keeping it Real — And Safe. Every adult who interacts with teens has a chance to have a positive impact on their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors around alcohol — and school counselors are no exception. White, Ph.

Beyond Just Say No. As more and more states legalize recreational marijuana use, our education efforts need to evolve to meet changing social norms. Vaping in Vogue.

Vaping is a rapidly emerging trend and is especially popular among youth and young adults. The Opioid Epidemic.

25 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe, Healthy and Successful: Lessons from a School Counselor

As the opioid epidemic continues to grow, school counselors need to provide education and support for students and partner with community agencies and organizations to combat the rampant problem. Postsecondary Options for Students With Disabilities. Beyond the IEP. Creating a small group for students with learning challenges can help them discover — and practice — what they need to be successful in college well in advance of setting foot on a college campus. Spencer, Ph. Suicide and Child Abuse Reporting.

A colleague asks you to talk to one of her students whose English journal describes disturbing suicidal ideation. Both times William convinces you he is fine, and you make no attempt to call his parents. You used discretion and judgment in your assessment in determining William was not at risk.

He ended his life. Can school counselors afford to treat suicide as a discretionary duty in which we can exercise judgment?

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What Makes Us Human. As an aspiring actor, our son Alex is very conscious of opportunities and equality for actors of color. Negotiating Neutrality. School Counselor License Revocation. Zirkel, Ph. It's a Virtual World. Asked and Answered. School counseling legal and ethical issues can run the gamut of topics. Epic Fail. Our daughter, Tori, was the only one in her group of friends who had plans when they finished their undergraduate degree. She had been admitted to a post-graduate field school and was all but assured of a job in her major. Her grades put her near the top of her class.

She received multiple awards from her university.

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She was an enormous success by any measure. Measure Your Ethical Behavior. Your school district has a long history of Caucasian and higher socioeconomic students being overrepresented in gifted and talented GT programs and students of color and students on free and reduced lunch being underrepresented. You intend to exercise your ethical imperative to increase the diversity of students eligible for GT services. Can you measure ethical behavior? Data as Easy as Use program data to develop lasting and sustainable outcomes rather than random acts of improvements.

Kick It Up a Notch. Show Your Work. You have an obligation to educate others about your program successes.


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The ASCA results report can help you do just that — showing how students are different as a result of the school counseling program. Civil vs. Criminal Activity. You are in charge of implementing professional development for school counselors in your district. You are planning a workshop on legal and ethical issues but have limited time for the presentation. You want to hit the most salient issues. Do you have the presenter focus on criminal cases, negligence cases, laws or ethical standards?

Which types of issues occur most frequently? Principle and Purpose. Building a Community. Working at Lawndale Community Academy can sometimes feel like swimming upstream, but School Counselor of the Year Kirsten Perry is up to the challenge. Most Influential. As the parents of three Millennials, my wife, Beverly, and I can attest to that. The way we raised our children is a striking contrast to my own childhood. Students with a parent in prison face numerous challenges and require a school counselor familiar with providing trauma-sensitive care. Foster Success. At any one time, there are approximately half a million U.

How can you help the ones at your school? Ward, Ph. Your district purchased a software program that monitors all student activity on district-issued computers and district e-mail addresses.

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You learned about this new software the day after it was installed when you were handed a list of 12 students and asked to assess their suicide risk as their online activity put them in the alert category.